>> Well, the first day of class is over. I actually almost forgot to go because I was very immersed in Once Upon a Time in China I. My brother came back from Vancouver yesterday and he brought a whole load of pirated DVDs (I, Robot, anyone? O_O) - but also old Jet Li movies!!!! Apparently, my mum has decided to get the whole collection of Jet Li's old movies - a decision I completely support. XP

And guess who the P.E. teacher is.... it's Sylvie, the lady I'd been assistant-entraîneuse to for 6 years! But she quit that and has given me her job. ^^ Hehehehehehehehe. But it's so weird having her as a teacher now. :P

Power trip: I'm going to train 16 little girls in gym! Yes, it's just an initiation to gymnastics, but I've got big plans for them...! :P

Work today was pretty easy, less the soar feet and rips. I was shipped onto the second floor, which is much easier than the ground floor, but so boring. All the residents are either immobile, really old, or slightly affected by alzheimer so you have to pass around with a trolley and show them the food. They really are like little babies, being fed by their attendants and all, us feeling really silly talking to them : ''D-O Y-O-U W-A-N-T T-H-E F-I-S-H O-R T-H-E P-O-R-C? noooooo, *this* is fish, *that's* porc... No, we don't have pink fish. Yes I'm sure ''. Bleeeh.

This one lady took my hand at one point. It was really soft, like a baby's skin.

I went back to the Ground for the second sitting and had a fairly easy shift. I was on fire. :P Not one complaint, and 5 out of 8 of my section were really picky. ^^

Ah, and Xue-Rong has started working at Kensington as well. I guess that's cool.

We had a bit of a traumatic experience walking home though. This guy was kneeled on the grass, pantless, jacking off... It was really disturbing, plus he was staring. Came as quite a surprise, especially since we were in Westmount - but I guess St-Catherine will always be the exception, even in a ''secure'' neighbourhood.

Posted: Monday, August 30, 2004 // 11:31 p.m.

>> He still won't tell me and I find it almost insulting considering our supposed brother-sister relation. Seriously, I've let him in on some of my problems that I knew he would never understand, but that I knew he at least needed a general idea about. How can he expect me to react when he comes up and tells me his life is over, but then tells me that I can't understand and to nevermind? Actually, I have been very supportive up to now, but every time I'm on the verge of explosion.

Moving on...

This, is one funny guy. ^^

Eeh, I was pretty disappointed when the chinese dude didn't win the all-around. I mean, wtf 2 koreans on the podium? Did they pop out of thin air? Ah well... On the women's side, it's more satisfying. I don't mind Carly winning because she's just amazing, but I did get sort of emotional for Khorkina because I badly wanted her to win, even if she's probably anorexic now. Seriously, her legs... and I liked her better with short hair and plenty of mascara, but that's another story.

I now have my own tables at Kensington. Apparently, the geezers like me - probably because I'm very good at subjecting myself to authority (at the exception of one particular person) and I can feign good humour anytime. I can be quite a hypocrital bitch, to tell the truth. -__-''

Posted: Saturday, August 21, 2004 // 01:16 a.m.

>> Something's really wrong, but he doesn't want to talk about it yet. It concerns his parents and his girlfriend apparently and I've never felt him so down. He usually tells me pretty much anything... What the hell is going on!? >_<

Posted: Thursday, August 19, 2004 // 12:54 a.m.

>> I am very exhausted. Yesterday, I feel asleep at 21h, waking up at 8h30 the next morning. Pretty tiring day involving jogging, swimming, banana bread baking, recorder and ''wushu'' practice. That is, D did the practicing and I was super sadistic making him do these horrible stretching exercises. I really wasn't into it today.

I also started my new job today, as a waitress in a this really posh residence for old geezers in Westmount, Le Kensington. The uniform is so sexy. :P That is, the apron is sexy. It has this huge décolté - then again, we have to wear a crappy white chemise and black skirt with tights and shoes and all. But in general, it's a nice job. Shifts are very short, 3h30, and the boss is really relax. Half the time I was sitting, plus you get free food. ^^ Ok, the food isn't that wonderful, more like upscale cafeteria shit, but it's very decent and there's ice cream with chocolate sauce. ^^ Plus, fun fun people (and some crabby old guys, but eeh). The biggest down is that they're so cheap they only pay minimum, bleeeh.

I'm hoping a certain someone will be online tonight.

Posted: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 // 12:51 a.m.

>> Am watching the canadian volleyball girls crush the americans. Of course, they lost the first match, but they're doing a good job now.

CBC really does not give enough air time to gymnastics.

Posted: Monday, August 16, 2004 // 04:49 p.m.

>> Kate Richardson has the coolest floor routine. ^^ Then again, CBC hasn't been showing gymnasts from other countries yet (I'm really miffed I didn't get to see Carly Patterson or any of the romanians yet), so I have no idea what the top 5 look like, but she has definitely impressed him. Of course, it's not as if she really has a chance for an all-around, but my opinion on canadian gymnasts has improved. ^^

I'm glad I didn't miss the beach party. It all started at 5 o'clock, as I woke up and rushed to get ready. At 6h30 I was out of the house, arriving at 8h at Côte-Vertu. Met up with Xue-Rong and Jocelyne. Of course, our lifts were an hour late, but it's all good. ^^''

I must say though, the drive was pretty scary. Our driver, Denis, only just recently got his liscence and had this tendency towards 160 km/h and zigzaging pretty recklessly. Plus, John was driving another car, and he's even worst because he just doesn't know what he's doing. Just in the dragon boat rides, he had 3 accidents. He kept trying to cut in front of us, almost causing a bloody accident at one point, but we did arive safely at the Saint-Zotique Plage, which is a mighty cool beach. ^^

We played lots of volleyball (including with these two little todlers - so cute!), built sandcastles with ditches and pirhanas (tadpoles, actually), ate really good bbq stuff, practiced wushu and gym, games, etc... Dunno, it was just really neat. ^^ Came home for 21h30.

I have this very annoying penchant for impossible love stories. Though I've decided that my current episode is much more like brotherly love (it was to be expected, he is after all my anh hai), my new direction isn't much more realisitc. First off, this guy I most likely won't be seeing before a while, and secondly, I can almost garantee it will end up as a brotherly love, as he is a ''brother'' of my own ''brother'' - if you can make out what I'm saying. Anyway, I understand myself.

Perhaps an outing with Alina and co tomorrow to see a free showing of Molière in some lost parc downtown. To be determined.

Posted: Monday, August 16, 2004 // 12:55 a.m.

>> I almost decided to ditch tomorrow's beach party. The gymnastics feminine quals are passing tomorrow and I really wanted to see them. Hopefully, they'll repass them very late like tonight's men's and I'll be able to catch them. Snif....

Watching an interview with Shewfelt, I got the distinct impression he was gay. Dunno, he talks with his eyes, like a girl. :P Ah well. The Dragulescu guy was just scary - his arms... Achilles worthy.

Divers and swimmers now come second after the musician category for sexiness.

Posted: Saturday, August 14, 2004 // 10:49 p.m.

>> Yes, how very sad, I am back already. You see, as I was preparing myself for bed, I remembered that there was the men's gymnastics meet in a few hours and that I would not be able to see the redifusion of it at noon as I have scheduled a practice with D at one o'clock. So I figured I'd skip today's sleep, which is ultimately very stupid, but I'm just really not in the mood for it right now. To much on mind - and besides, if I go to sleep now, there's no way I'm waking up for the olympics.

I got around to reading the first volume of Planet, a manga I borrowed a while ago from the library. Turns out I really like it - pretty insightful work that seems to toy with the purpose of life, though not in a cheesy shoujou kind of way - and am looking forward to it's continuation. I just hope there's no waiting list on the next volumes. -__-''

By the way, Svetlana Khorkina still competes!? What the hell, I was so sure she had retired - not that I ever really stopped to think about or research it, but I had just retired her in my head. Ah well.

Posted: Saturday, August 14, 2004 // 04:37 a.m.

>> Well, I guess this is it: my incredible come-back to the net. Not that it's much to gloat about, considering the layout, content and location, but I think I'm better off simple and discreet. I almost opted for a pseudonyme and all but that would be much too confusing in the end. I'll just have to be careful of what I say this time - anyway, it's not as if I'm planning on attracting loads of visitors (of course, there's still those bloody search engines... -__-'').

Today I had Svet and Lari over. We baked these m&m cookies and a lemon pie. The cookies were awful, which I thought very unusual, as we are all decent cooks (Lari is amazing, actually) and it was an extremely basic recipe. I suspect the pans we used are behind it all, considering that the cookies had a mettalic-soap-basking-soda taste. What a waste. On a happier note, the lemon pie was excellent - credit to Lari.

After our kitchen episode, we sat down in the living room to play Pictogram Junior! and that German railroad game, with the Olympic opening playing in the background. Naturally, we had to add a bit of spice to Pictogram by drawing with our eyes close, but it hardly makes a difference when your task is a star or a triangle. -__-'' The railroad game provided the usual fun and I actually managed a win for the very first time! ^^''

I thought the Opening ceremony was very well done. Though I admit I found the cube part and the luminous pregnant lady a little questionnable, the parade itself was really amazing. The whole 2d concept was really sweet. ^^ Not to mention the ending fireworks.

I am currently on the phone with D. As usual, he's so tired and vedge he sounds like a crapaud. ^^

Weekend plans: Saturday // wushu practice with D in the park since the actual class is cancelled. Sunday // beach party in the honour of John's 18th birthday. I hardly know him, but he was on my dragon boat team, so eh. D tells me there might be some, lets say, fireworks, during the event. Apparently, some of the guests plan on ditching the party and forming their own group once at the beach, which I think is very hypocrital. Why even bother to pretend they're coming to celebrate his birthday? It's really stupid and all because of a childish grudge. Eeeeh, boys. John might not be the most conveniant guy, but I find Thomas so cruel to constantly toy with him like that. He's really just purposely lashing out on John just to lash out.

I just read this really good fanfic about Ron's guilt after OotP's MoM events. My only disagreement is with the interpretation of the handshake with Hermione at the end of CoS movie. I think that was simpy an R/Hr moment - not that I encourage it. (Hell no!)

I actually started this post at around midnight - but due to my phone conversation with D, it sort of lagged... a few hours... Anyway, I just let him go and I think I'll be off to bed now.

Posted: Saturday, August 14, 2004 // 02:43 a.m.